Katie Wood – Uh Huh Yeah

If you’re a fan of the flamboyant nature of pop during the 1980’s and have been craving for an artist to take it to the next level in the modern age with their own brand of eccentricity then look no further than Katie Wood who flourishes within this genre as she invites us all into her nostalgia ladened world. Her latest single Uh Huh Yeah builds on her exuberant sonic experience further with the soft rock banger sounding like a combination of Prince meets David Bowie, however within she discusses her own experiences dealing with Agoraphobia as she explains below:

“I couldn’t face leaving my flat, let alone go to work or see my friends and I just felt so powerless. So the song is about that feeling and in many ways accepting it as a way to move on through it, I do believe that you have to face your fears to overcome them.”

Whilst the sound takes influence from the past it still manages to sound so incredibly fresh in todays market with the hazy guitar riffs having a raw lo-fi rock feel to them, addictive drum beats straight out of an 80’s Coming of Age movie soundtrack and a lush vocal performance that’s entirely her own. It’s a track that’s hard to ignore with soundscape being a work of art and honest lyrics offering a new perspective on a subject that’s rarely ever addressed in songwriting. Fresh, unique, addictive and down right brilliant.

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