Starchild and The New Romantic – Silent Disco ft. Rosehardt

Starchild and The New Romantic, otherwise known as Bryndon Cook, is a veteran in the industry at this point with him collaborating with the likes of Solange, Chairlift and Blood Orange to name a few. He’s been consistently raising the bar with the quality of his own music as well, which can best be described as ‘Champion Music for the Heartbroken,’ so it’s no real surprise that his latest collaboration with Rosehardt is another stellar single that’s making his upcoming LP FOREVER look like one of the highlights of the musical calendar.

Silent Disco has this air of Prince about it during his Purple Rain era mixed with some subtle rhythm Nile Rodgers often injects into his music. That’s the highlight of Starchild’s music though, he takes the classic stylings of old but brings them fully into the modern era by injecting his own signature flair be it through a laidback jazzy atmosphere, slick bass line melodies or his signature vocal licks that are able to soar over his dynamic production. You’ll struggle to find someone who deserves more credit for what he’s able to create than this man, just back through his discography and you’ll be amazed.

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