PROMIS3 – Simulated Paradise


Over the past year there’s been a strong resurgence in the Y2K influenced pop music with the likes of Doja Cat being the leaders of this revival and if this continues to result in stellar tracks like the latest one from the Belgian duo PROMIS3 then we’re all for it. The euphoria inducing Simulated Paradise is contains poignantly phrased lyrics about escaping to a world where all our desires are simulated before our very eyes, we escape from the hardships and only experience the highs as they explain below:

“This record is about how it would be possible to escape your fears and reality, by diving into a simulation which would act as a digital utopia. The underlying message is about depression and the weight that daily life brings upon us. It’s something we think is also relatable right now for so many people in lockdown all over the world. Sound wise we were really inspired by y2k trance influences and gaming music.

The driving drum patterns bring this track to life with the looping melody of the chorus being something you could play at any party to get the room pumping along in no time at all with the delicately placed vocals adding to the melodic dance sound even more. The concept came from wanting to escape from the world and, as a result, they’ve managed to give us something to distract us from our own way of life and transport us into a buoyant world where for a few brief moments our problems are gone. Well worth a listen, check it out below.

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