1010 Benja SL – Woodrow

I love those moments where you accidentally stumble across a track that is so unique, intriguing and downright amazing that you wish you could go back and listen to it for a first time again to fully take in what you just witnessed. I felt that when I was listening to the Kansas City based musician 1010 Benja SL, who creates these wonderfully weird pieces of soul music that have hints of Gospel, Jazz and even a rock edge thrown into the mix but his latest single Woodrow is something else entirely.

The piano that leads the single is a slick mix between contemporary Jazz and the old western piano melodies that would be playing the saloon as a party is in full swing. The vocal licks of 1010 Benja SL offering a scatting riff to it that adds to the therapeutic madness that come from the piece when combined with the poetically poised lyrics focusing on mental health issues as well as the conflict of spiritual emotions. He manages to hit a nerve within me with his music that makes me get invested in his music and excited for what he’ll be able to do next. Favourite track to date and can’t wait for more.

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