Cheem – Basement Show BB

I hadn’t heard of the band Cheem until I got recommended them by a friend and after one listen to their music I was hooked. Their sound genre bending at it’s finest with them taking the slick riff guitars of indie rock, the insatiable rhythms of dance music, the killer hooks of pop music and the hard hitting beats of hip hop and in their latest release Basement Show BB they’ve even managed to throw in a bit of country into the mix. They even mention the legend Mason Ramsey during the opening.

This single just has an undeniable sense of unadulterated joy to it, the uplifting guitar melodies, smile inducing beats and chorus that was made for belting out at the top of your lungs whilst driving down the coast all provide something to that happy-go-lucky feel. I’m genuinely amazed more people aren’t talking about this band, their back catalogue hasn’t got a bad song in it, their latest stuff is outstanding and they have something about their sound that makes you want to have it on repeat for weeks to come. Check this band out, you won’t regret it.

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