Chi Virgo – Bye Bye

Chi Virgo is one of those singers who we often believe deserves more love sent her way than she actually receives as her single Thinking still remains one of the best R&B songs of 2019 in my eyes. She knows her sound knows how to slickly deliver compelling pieces of R&B that take your hand, pull you in and then refuse to let you go until you find yourself falling down the rabbit hole of her music and loving every moment of it.

Whilst her newest release Bye Bye might seem like a typical break up song where she says so long to an disappointing ex, this track also serves a metaphorical way for Virgo to say goodbye to an unhappy period of her life. Her lyricisms and vocal make this very clear with them both conveying a raw honest that makes the whole piece feel even more real, but Virgo explains it best as we see below:

“When I first moved to London, for a time I felt I was a little bit lost and directionless. I had to take on a job that I wasn’t happy in to make ends meet, and for a while I wasn’t sure about how to move forwards. Although on paper this song is about a relationship, it also feels special as it is a symbol of me saying goodbye to that time period and coming to truly understand myself.”

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