Pachiko – R>O>B>O>T>S>R>E>P>R>I>S>E


Most artists usually wait a year or two after they release their debut album to drop some more music, then you’ve got Panchiko who’ve waited 20 years to drop a follow up single to their quite breathtaking debut album. The shoegaze act from the year 2000 that were way ahead of their time with the way they produced music, I mean their music still sounds so fresh even after all these years have gone by.

Their latest release R>O>B>O>T>S>R>E>P>R>I>S>E is the perfect starting point to re-introducing their sound to the world around them. Honestly it’s utterly gorgeous with the calming synth melodies melting beautifully into the subtle trumpet melodies as the enchanting vocal dances effortlessly around them both to create a sound that will have you captivated from start to finish. This comeback is the little bit of light in the darkness that is 2020 and I cannot recommend this act enough.

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