Tamera – Flipside

In the British R&B scene there isn’t a more exciting rising talent right now than Tamera who has already impressed with her stunning debut Romeo and the more sensual follow up Don’t Phone. She’s been consistently hitting it our of the park with her lusciously toned vocal and silky smooth production to back her up, so it’s no real surprise that she’s done it once again with her latest release Flipside.

“Flipside is about having no energy to deal with relationship woes,” Tamera explains. “Reclining into procrastination and setting everything aside to deal with tomorrow, or else you might hurt someone’s feelings with an aggravated tongue.”

She brings a relatable authenticity to the subject matter through her lyricisms expressing her own feelings towards the situation as her vocal inflections make an instant connection with the listener. There’s a 70’s vibe to the production with the laidback melodies as well as scintillating synths and an enticing rhythm drawing your further into the piece until it grabs a hold of you and refuses to let you go. Tamera doesn’t disappoint and this is a prime example of that.

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