Augustine – Coast

The bombastic alternative pop stylings of Augustine is something I will never get tired of listening to. With every release I find myself falling more and more in love with his sound and I’m not the only one with him garnering a large fanbase for his celestial falsetto lead tracks about love stories of his past. It comes as no surprise then that a happy couple being together stirred up painful emotions for him in his latest evocative piece Coast.

“Coast is a song about loneliness, and a longing to understand this world a little better,” Augustine explains. “I was confused and jealous of everything I laid my eyes on when I wrote it. And I often get struck by this feeling about wanting to escape from myself and from my body when I’m feeling down. I guess it comes down to the desire to have someone by your side who understands you and all your weird thoughts.

A 70’s disco influenced melody leads the exuberant production with the deep bass line melody carrying an irresistible rhythm to it that contrasts the high flying tone of Augustine’s vocal. Lyricisms that express the unadulterated pain he feels are poetically presented throughout with, “His jacket sleeves over her shoulders should set the world alight,” carry a melancholy beauty that is near indescribable. A mesmerising somber track that continues to cement Augustine as one of the most exciting talents out there, stream his music below.

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