Japan, Man – I Like To Wait

Living in the moment is something a lot of people generally struggle to do as we consistently try so hard to focus on what our future could hold for us that the now gets lost as a result. It’s this relatable subject that the Lebanon based 15 year old musician Japan, Man’s latest single I Like To Wait focuses on with her funky bedroom pop sound as she explains below:

“This song is written about being stuck in a certain place where you feel trapped and confused. Sometimes we feel as though life would be better if we were somewhere different with a fresh start, but in reality the only way to make life feel pleasurable is to be patient and await what is to come for us. Sometimes it’s hard to see that we have to live in the moment but when we start to do so, the time flies.”

Unexpectedly so this track relates to the current circumstance a lot of us are stuck in, being trapped and confused with the poignantly poetic lyrics expressing our emotions to the situation quite effortlessly. That’s what I adore about Japan, Man’s music though, the fact that there’s this sincere authenticity to her storytelling that makes everything the soft tones of her vocal sing feel all that more real whilst still carrying that melancholic essence that makes her music so compelling.

There’s something special about her music that makes me want to replay each one of her tracks over and over again. This one is no different.

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