Thunder Jackson – Find Yourself

Three years after the release of his debut single Guilty Party the pop icon in the making Thunder Jackson has absolutely hit it out of the park with his coming of age anthem for the people who’re lost in thus world titled Find Yourself. This is scintillating pop at it’s finest that sounds like belongs in a modern day John Hughes movie and the lyrics fit that idea perfectly.

“As humans, we all seek to define our identity. It’s a lifelong journey. Some days we feel we know exactly who we are. Others, we don’t recognise the person in the mirror. And that’s what ‘Find Yourself’ is all about,” says Thunder Jackson. “It’s a song for the lost, a song for the found, and a reminder that we are not alone in our struggles to find ourselves.” 

The whole piece is the definition of euphony with swirling synth melodies, passionate lyricisms that have an honest sincerity towards them, emotionally evocative vocals and a captivating atmosphere that grabs ahold of you to take you on this journey with him. It’s the liquid gold form of pop with it being a sonic treat and it’s something special. Best pop track we’ve this year by a country mile.

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