School of X – Forget Me on the Moon


The Danish musician School of X had previously impressed us with his brooding yet emotionally inclined single Bad Love. There was a poetic storytelling┬áto his music that managed to keep us captivated from start to finish with his poignant lyrical delivering being a key factor in this. He’s continued that through to the follow up single Forget Me on the Moon, which also features a rather aesthetically pleasing music video to match.

The track focuses on looking back at a relationship in hindsight and being able to pick out all the flaws in it and realising your partner leaving you can sometimes be a good thing. Melancholic melodies lead the track with School of X’s Ezra Koenig reminiscent vocal melting into the sombre production as the 80’s pop guitar riff plays on. Something to listen to late at night with the lights off to fully experience the beauty of the piece.

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