Theia – 99% Angel

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Right now New Zealand has one of the best music scenes around the world with the tiny island consistently producing musicians who have the ability to take over the globe and the future pop queen Theia is a prime example of this. Her brash unapologetic brand of pop instantly grabs you and refuses to let go with her brat pop themed vocals and addictive melodies disguising her poignant lyrical messages being sonically ideal.

She recently dropped her EP titled 99% Angel, the perfect place to discover you new favourite pop star. It’s all the good bits of the classic pop mixed with a modern pop edge to it that is utterly delectable. The best way to describe it is that it’s like Charli XCX and Avril Lavigne had a baby, and if that doesn’t make you want to listen to this EP then I have no clue what will.

Theia’s expressive vocal tackles a range of issues throughout the EP ranging from the way society often degrades women through catcalling, insulting them online or just how they act in Kitty Kat or how people will do anything to become famous these days in Celebrity. The EP also shows Theia’s more experimental pop side to with Frat Boyz featuring a pulsating beat, warped vocals and shifting soundscape that is as weird as it is wonderful. Throw in her devilish 99% Angel track into the mix and there really isn’t a weak link to be found here.

This is the pop of the new world. It’s unapologetic, passionate, addictive and downright fun to listen to. Everything the genre should be and I know I’ll be playing this on repeat for weeks to come.

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