NOPRISM – Pieces


With their previous single Ghost the duo from Newcastle Upon Tyne NOPRISM immediately peaked my interested with their dynamic melodies, intoxicating melodies and anthemic sound that had me hooked in an instant. They had this flavour to that sound that I wasn’t used to hearing in the British scene and as I dove deeper into their sound I only became more intrigued and invested in their sound.

I don’t think it’s any surprise then that their latest track Pieces continued to turn me into an even bigger fan of their sound. The coruscating synth melodies have an early 90’s house feel to them with the vocals to match to fusing with a more modern guitar riff that could easily get any venue in the UK alive and thriving. It’s an addictive track that’s well worth a listen and if you like it then I highly recommend diving head first into their back catalogue, you won’t regret it.

Must Read