STACEY – Far Away

Music has always been about escapism and nobody knows that better than the Toronto based musician STACEY who’s nostalgic 60’s sound that’s reminiscent of the Beach Boys mixed with a bit of Lana Del Rey takes us to somewhere Far Away. It’s her first release since her sophomore EP First Move all the way back in 2017 and the wait has most definitely been worth it.

“‘Far Away’ is a dream escape from the vast darkness and sadness of the world,” STACEY notes about the single. “I wanted to provide the listener with whatever comfort and understanding I could — and a break from reality. While it feels very strange to release music at this time, it also feels like the right time to send out offerings of healing.”

There’s a magical sensibility to her sound with the sonic texturing carrying a nostalgic weight to it that makes the music sound so romantically enchanting, almost like it could be feature in an arthouse romantic movie. The lyricisms take you a whole new world with the cascading production making you feel like you’re floating through the clouds as her airy vocal narrates your time away from the reality we live in.

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