Hourglvss – Supreme Beings

Being based near Brighton myself I’ve often seen how explosively vibrant their music scene is with countless amounts of stellar musical acts and the indie pop duo Hourglvss are a prime example of that quality. However what makes this duo stand out from the crowd is their ethos to craft music that divides the line between fantasy and reality and their latest offering Supreme Beings is a prime example of this.

Their music effortlessly dances between insatiable pop melodies and the pulsating rhythms of dance mixed with some flamboyant vocals and over the top productions that could’ve come straight out of an 80’s club scene. The best way to describe their sound is that it’s exactly what I imagine ABBA would sound like if they were release music in the modern age.

Honestly this track is an vibrant explosion of glitter, sequins and everything that made the 70’s disco scene what it was but have managed to translate it effortlessly into the modern music setting. If you need me I’ll be grooving along to this until the early hours of the morning.

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