Circumnavigate – Layer You Up

Music often has a way of comforting us all during times of sadness, it makes us feel like we’re not alone in the world, that other people have felt what we’re feeling and that whatever happens we’ll make it through it. As I find myself listening to the Norwegian quartet Circumnavigate’s latest single I can’t help but feel those feelings with their intensely delicate yet gorgeously raw poetic lyricisms in Layer You Up being a thing of emotive beauty.

The ethereal soundscapers have managed to created a high level of intimacy through the gossamer piano melodies and scintillating synths that makes the lyrics about helping someone through a tough time feel all that more real, like they’re personally comforting you. The celestial vocal of Sigrid, the lead vocalist, only builds on this further with the tender tones of her voice gliding delicately across the heavenly textured production.

They’ve managed to capture so much beauty in this piece, it’s almost like a painting where every lyric and melody is another brush stroke being added to the canvas until you’re left with a masterpiece to admire. Truly beautiful.

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