Simen Mitlid – Birds

I will say that I didn’t expect to listen to an indie folk song this morning about is black metal, fake IDs, growing up, dying, birthdays and birds but if all tracks about that end up being as euphony inducing as Simen Mitlid’s latest offering Birds then I’m going to have to listen to them more often.

Soft acoustic guitar melodies delicately lead crafting an intimate nature to the piece that when you close your eyes feels like this is being played live in an Oslo forest but Mitled himself. Vocally it’s reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens with the ethereal tone gently drifting over the mystical production as it slowly builds throughout up until the emotion climax of the piece that will send shivers down your spine in an instant.

It’s one of those pieces that belongs an indie coming age film at the very end as the characters all part ways and the emotions are at an all time high. Beautifully tender and a sonic experience for all to behold.

Must Read