Slide – Hello Spirit

I love when artists apply different ideologies to other genres that you would never expect to take them on. It always creates a uniquely encapsulating and Slide are a perfect example of this with them taking the spirit of punk and applying it to brash hip hop beats and pop hooks all whilst maintaining a rock flair. They break the rules of the genres and twist them to form something incomparable as they show in their latest shifting number Hello Spirit.

“We had a lot of conversations wondering about how pop we could go,” Albin of the duo explains. “We’ve always had that punk mentality, we just needed to learn how we could apply it to all our sounds.” I think it’s safe to say they’ve definitely figured it out.

With a juxtaposing production of grungy guitar melodies mixed with clear pop vocal performance the duo manage to create an idiosyncratic soundscape that sets them apart from other musicians out there. Honestly there’s just a natural flair exuding from their music that entices you into their dark twisted world to fully experience the twisted nature of their sound. They’ve started a bold new era in this genre.

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