Joe Saan – KNOW YOU

There’s lusciously smooth and then there’s Joe Saan, who’s ravishing R&B sound has sent me head over heels for his radiating music. He just has this way of in his music of inviting you in and making you feel warmly welcomed with the celestial tones of his voice dancing across the melodically scintillating production til you feel completely at home. If you need more proof about this then just listen to his latest release KNOW YOU.

There’s a sensual atmosphere that sets the tone for the whole piece with the smokey piano melodies and deep beats melting into the seductive high pitched vocals effortlessly. The more you listen the more you notice these little nuances to the piece that add to that beautifully layered soundscape he’s crafted that sends shivers down my spine after every listen. Dive into his sound today, you won’t regret it.

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