Cinnäfinn – run/pour

There are moments where you listen to a track for the first time and you wish you could go back and listen to it for a first time again to fully appreciate that experience and understand the beauty of what you’re listening to. I had that feeling the very second I was done listening to Cinnäfinn’s coruscating single run/pour that left me utterly speechless from start to finish.

It opens with an airy synth melody that melts all your worries and stresses off of your body before the celestial vocals come into play that makes you feel like you’re flying in the air. Then you have the ending which can only be described as a cacophony of utter beauty with the unapologetic synth melodies coming to life in a vibrant explosion of colour. It’s the perfect way to end the piece and I know I’m going to becoming back to this one again and again and again.

Must Read