Billie-Rae – Crash Test Girlfriend

When a track starts off with deep ominous beats I’m immediately intrigued and quite desperate to discover where the track goes. Luckily with an artist like Billie-Rae (not Cyrus) is at the reins then I know the track going to go nowhere but up and end with me having a new music addiction, so don’t be surprised if you end up singing this song under your breath for the next few weeks.

Crash Test Girlfriend has a hauntingly beautiful quality to it with the delicate tones of Billie-Rae’s vocal contrasting the sinister synth melodies, providing a juxtaposing dynamic that’s enthralling from the get go. Emotionally evocative lyrics add more impassioned emotion to the piece with the poignant delivery making those lyrics feel all the more real. There’s just something utterly compelling about her sound that makes you want to stop and give her your undivided attention, dive into her music and do that now.

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