BLOOD $MOKE BODY’S – Black Velvet

Recently I began listening to BLOOD $MOKE BODY’S debut EP Lovesick Animal Online, which I highly recommend listening to as it is filled with some brilliant tracks with lyrical waxings and dynamic flows that will keep you entertained throughout, however there was one track that I was completely enthralled by. After one listen to Black Velvet I kept going back to it over and over again, finding myself compelled by the honest storytelling.

With an atmospheric instrumentation providing an intimate setting for the bars this duo delivers throughout to make the story have an instant connection with us. However it’s the in depth story they deliver through the bars they write that sets this track apart from others, every lyrics that’s delivered creates a movie in your mind of their story. The best part though? The minute they say, “We’re knockin’ on the industry doors let us in / We talkin’ at the college used to not let us in,” as for some reason that lyrics just hits differently, it’s quite astounding.

If you like this track then I cannot recommend the EP enough, it’s filled with some quite outstanding tracks that will have you enthralled from start to finish.

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