Pace – Fallen


Pace are an alternative pop quartet based in London who’s music focuses on thought provoking issues with their debut Hunt Me Down focusing on facing our own fears throughout life rather than suppressing them. Today through their ambivalent single Fallen they dive into teaching people to love themselves, including all their imperfections, and after one listen I am hooked.

There’s a sense of theatricality to their music through the dramatic drum beats mixed with the evocative tone of the vocal that oozes emotion and the storytelling nature of the piece that creates an instant emotional connection that often leaves you reaching for the tissues. Lyrically it’s pure poetry with moments in the chorus like, “Come on hold my head and kiss away all the doubts that hold you back,” being utterly genius in every way sense and form. It’s got uniquely crafted sound palette that is just divine and unlike any other.

Everything in this track has been crafted perfectly to make the lyric journey hit you with emotion like the final blow of a prize winning fight. It’s got raw vocals, real lyrics, an emotive production and when you combine all that with the avant-garde music video then you’ve got something that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is sonically.

Must Read