Liimo – Raincheck

Ever since we first heard their track Pineapple Radio we’ve been avid fans and supporters of the Scottish electro pop trio Liimo. With each new release they’ve been demonstrating their ability to craft shimmering synth melodies, plucky guitar riffs, melancholy lyricisms and bring them all together to create music that you’ll find yourself revisiting over and over again.

Today they’ve dropped another stellar piece in the form of Raincheck which opens up with a spirited guitar melody before diving into the valiant 80’s influenced synth riff during the chorus which features a hook that will nestle it’s way into your head and will need a bulldozer to remove it. When it comes to lyrics as well the band, inadvertently we might add, wrote this about trying to make time for someone before issues in every day life end up forcing you to change plans. Something that’s become a regular occurrence, as they explain below.

“‘Raincheck’ is about making more time for the person you really should be making time for. The daily traffic of life throws up so many obstacles that you end up losing out on moments for just the two of you. ‘Raincheck’ says, ‘F**k it, let’s stay in and get a takeaway. We actually wrote this before the Covid-19 outbreak and although it wasn’t exactly planned, it might just turn into an anthem for staying indoors – something we’re all very used to by now!”

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