Peter Katz – Like We Used To Be

There’s an ongoing trend in the music industry right now with people wanting to create songs that you can easily dance long to but also have an emotional break down over. I’ve been loving the songs coming out that focus on this but I think Peter Katz’s latest single Like We Used To Be might be my favourite take on this style of song yet.

Katz is already known for having an emotive pop vocal so combining that with strong rhythmic hooks to get your body moving and contrasting it with gossamer synths to enhance his emotive vocal was a brilliant move. His sound just breathes emotion but adding the joyous production element gives his music another layer to it that makes it all that more intriguing. You find yourself listening to it for different reasons be it the heartfelt lyrics, insatiable melodies or overall rhythm of the piece. It has something for everyone.

It’s just one of those songs you can blare out from your speaks and dance along effortlessly to with your friends without a care in the world, but it’s also one you can play as tears begin to roll down your face. Whatever your reason this a song that’s worth a listen.

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