Ribs – The Long Walk Back To Free Parking

There are some moments where you wish you could go back in time and listen to a song for the first time again to truly appreciate the beauty that was unfolding before your very ears for the first time again. I got that feel with Ribs and her latest single that is an emotional sucker punch to the ribs, ironically, titled The Long Walk Back To Free Parking.

I implore everyone, as you listen to this track listen to the lyrics, give them your undivided attention and listen to the story they tell. There’s so many moments that are utterly heartbreaking that it’s hard to pinpoint one lyrical display but the one that hit me hard was, “And someone days that my arse looks like Christmas day / It makes me hate my body and my favourite Holiday.” That is what this track is about in a nutshell.

The reason behind the track is because of the catcalling Ribs has experienced consistently through her life with the first time it happened being when she was in her school uniform. This track is her expressing all the issues she’s experienced during and after these moments, from hating her body, being scared for her life and others telling her it’s nothing. An outstanding track that is filled to the brim with emotion.

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