LVRA – Wall


With every track that she releases LVRA is slowly proving herself to be one of the most interesting and exciting acts to come out of Britain in recent years. The Edinburgh based artist just manages to fuse these different genres together to form a sound that is both utterly compelling and sonically beautiful. Celestial is the best way to describe her music and her latest single Wall is probably her best offering to date.

I had sacrificed my own happiness for someone else, and only once it was over did I gradually come to realise all the walls, emotionally and creatively, that I placed around our relationship in order to protect it,” LVRA explains. “Last summer I went to China to get some space after a messy breakup. That trip made me feel so much wonder, and all the natural beauty inspired me to write this EP and finish ‘Wall’. I wanted to turn the pain that I felt into something hopeful.”

With lush sonically textured production that draws in her rich musical heritage with the use of the Guzheng mixed with some deep entrancing beats that come together to allow her utterly divine vocal to soar over the production. Lyrically it’s pure poetry, there’s no other way of defining it, each lyric is as poignant as it is beautiful and when you combine all of this with a gorgeous visual then you’ve got something that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is sonically.

Her debut EP LVCID being dropped on May 29th with her main intention to paint Chinese culture in a positive light in the wake of COVID-19, especially with racist attacks on Chinese students in Britain on the rise. The EP is going to be something special and we’re all here for it.

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