Jared Minnix – Slow Down

With the current situation that’s been happening around the world right now I’ve heard my fair share of COVID-19 inspired songs. These have ranged from extremely distasteful pieces to others offering a more positive spin on the situation but none of them have held a candle to the honesty and reliability of Jared Minnix’s track Slow Down.

Here the Nashville native doesn’t hold back, he discusses the issues he’s been experiencing during the lockdown period, what he can do in his newly found free time and the issues the self isolation has done to him. It’s real, it’s things that we’ve all experienced during this time, however he does offer a more positive spin on this during the chorus saying he’s found a beauty in what’s around him, “Yea maybe if slow down / We can look around and / See all that we got now / It that ain’t bad i think I like it what I’ve found out.”

It’s a real track that doesn’t shy away from the downsides of lockdown but isn’t afraid to find the small joys that have come with it to.

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