The Academic – Anything Could Happen

When Mick Jagger hand picks your band to open for The Rolling Stones in Ireland then you know you’re doing something incredibly right and that is certainly the case with the highflying indie pop rock band The Academic. Based in the small Irish town of Mullinger this band have experienced a meteoric rise over the past few years with them scoring a number one album in Ireland and scoring multiple sold out tour dates across the UK, it’s easy to see why they’re tipped to be the next big thing.

It’s even more understandable when you hear their latest offering Anything Could Happen, a track you can envision thousands of fans singing out loud together in an arena. With a pulsating rhythm driven by a looping drum beat mixed with some clashing cymbals, insatiable guitar melodies that are reminiscent of the Artic Monkeys latest stuff and lyrics dealing with a battle between the head and heart you can easily see why people love this band.

They manage to have this old school rock vibe to their music but bring it into the modern setting whilst still maintaining the spirit the vanguard once had. Yeah, I’m going to be listening to this for weeks to come.

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