Philip Brooks – I’m Getting Lonely

One of my favourite musicians I’ve discovered in recent years is the London-based German-native musician Philip Brooks whose music always leaves me spellbound. His music always feels real, each lyric is brutally honest never feeling contrived or false, whether it be the turmoil of a millennial relationship or panicking about things you’ve done in the past everything with him feels real. That trend continues today with the release of his latest dreamy bedroom pop single I’m Getting Lonely.

“I wrote this song feeling upset about missing out on good times and feeling lonely, and now it seems like everyone is feeling that way since we’re all stuck inside,” he explains the meaning behind his track.

With his soft spoken vocal mixed with the heartfelt lyrics about not being the person you dreamed you’d be and the vibrant melodic production it feels like the track belongs in an independent Coming of Age movie’s final scene as the adolescence drive down the coast one last time. Brooks has this ability to pierce the thickest of skins with his evocative songwriting and this is no different, combine that with the tracks timeless feel and this is something you can come back to over and over again.

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