Conor Scott – Overthinking

If you’re like me and grew up listening to artists like Glen Hansard then the Belfast based musician Conor Scott will fill you with a strange sense of nostalgia with his songwriting style being reminiscent of Hansard’s early pieces of work with a more modern pop sensibility. This becomes more evident with his natural guitar playing skills, lyrical prowess and evocative vocal in the new track Overthinking.

The tracks lyrics focus on his own inner monologue about how his mind is working during the break down of a relationship. During a relationship we’re often shown only a the good things so we think that we’re meant to only feel good things in them but Scott is breaking down that boundary and telling people to not chastise themselves for feeling a wide array of emotions during the rough patches.

It’s an honest portrayal of a modern relationship where an open dialogue is the only solution told through a soft production of alluring guitar riffs, melancholy vocals and intimate melodies. Quite gorgeous to hear.

Must Read