Ralph Taylor – Sweet Innocence

If you’re looking for a track with a buoyant bassline, emotional lyrics about learning not everything in life works out as you would’ve wanted it too and some addictive pop vocal hooks then boy have we got a treat for you today. Yes today we’ve got Suffolk born singer Ralph Taylor releasing his latest funk driven pop single through Laid Bare Records titled Sweet Innocence.

Lyrically speaking the track dives into a relationship of Taylor’s reaching it’s natural conclusion and him learning to accept that. “I went through a rollercoaster of emotions,” he explains. “This track came about when I dropped that innocent view where you think everything will always work out as you planned – cos, let’s face it, not everything in life always does. Writing this song felt like a form of closure.”

The production is sublime in this piece with it having an old school disco vibe to it mixed with a more modern pop production that gives it this richly textured soundscape that is lush to listen to. The highlight though is how this track strikes a rich balance between going all out an expressing the bittersweet pain of having to deal tough break up but also the sweet relief of him accepting that he can’t control everything in his life and live out the fairytale fantasy we all imagined we’d have.

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