Marsicans – Summery in Angus

There’s a lot of things that end up inspiring songs but I don’t think wearing a summery t-shirt and shorts during Storm Angus in UK was ever one I expected to see. Yeah, that’s right, Leeds finest indie pop quartet Marsicans latest single Summery in Angus came about when storms were all the rage in the UK and we had one almost every week for about a month and if this song is what came out of it can have those months more often?

So, the song is about the two sides of yourself: the not-so-good side which, no matter what fun you’re having, just clouds the back of your mind, and then the side which fights the bad thoughts and tries to keep you positive when everything seems to be going wrong,” frontman of the band James Newbigging explains. “It’s the inner fight between those two sides. It starts off referencing lines from a really old poem my Grandad used to tell me when I was younger. There seems to be various versions which go back a few hundred years, but the ‘nonsense poem’ always made me laugh, and I thought it summed up the opposing sides perfectly”.

Exploring the dichotomy of self is an interesting topic for this track to tackle and the band do it in style with the production flipping between these raw rock verses and more pop styled chorus, expertly representing the meaning of the track. Filled with catchy hooks that wiggle their way into your head, an insatiable melody to get your body grooving and a killer back story, this track just has everything you could really want in an indie pop song.

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