Tin Pigeons – Closer

If ever you’re in the need of a lovely piece of buoyant indie pop then you should go and check out the East Midlands duo Tin Pigeons’ entire discography as it’s filled with them, You’re No Fun is a personal favourite. Today however we’re talking about their latest release Closer which explores how emotionally draining out society can be and has made us somewhat number to our own feelings.

The juxtaposition is rather fascinating with the more heavy subject matter of the lyrics contrasting the more uplifting nature of the production and happy-go-lucky vocals quite perfectly. Right now I’d say the track’s meaning is actually more relevant than ever with us all handling the lockdown situation differently and yearning for that human contact, hence the surprisingly poignant hook, “Can I get a bit closer.” It’s one of those songs you’ll sing and dance your bedroom to whilst also having a small existential crisis in the process, what’s not to love?

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