Postcard Boy – Flight


Sometimes doing nothing can actually lead to some of your fondest memories. Those days where you and your friends have nothing to do so you just spend the whole day talking about anything that comes to your mind or just doing something in the moment like driving down to the beach to do nothing but relax. It’s these moments in our life that Postcard Boy has written about in his latest breezy single Flight.

“Flight discusses summer boredom and doing nothing with friends, but feeling better than ever,” He explains. “Sometimes you don’t recognize how good a moment is until it’s too late and you’re reaching for that memory again. The ocean sound at the end is from a road trip I took with one of my best friends up the California coast. That trip represents everything this song stands for, so putting the ocean in at the end just made the song feel complete.”

The sonic texturing of the track is divine with those wistful guitar melodies, chilled our yet somber synth beats and those cosy vocals all coming together to create something special. There’s a sense of nostalgia to the single, it makes you think back to those moments of your youth you thought you’d forgot, the lazy afternoons with your friends just shooting the breeze without a care in the world. It takes those complex emotions of the past and brings them into the modern day.

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