Malory is the definition of a pop star in waiting with her ability to craft quirky electronic pop bangers being ever present in her past releases like Killer Cut Offs and Rapture to name a few. Today though she’s showing us a more candid side to her music through the beautifully introspective ballad, All Grown Up.

Lyrically this track relates to Malory’s recent move from London to Toronto with it focussing on the bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye to your home, family, friends and leaving your old life behind you. Her vocal delivers a more honest approach than past singles with her offering a more subtle vocal display that makes the lyrics hit harder than ever before with the hook of, “Am I all grown up now,” being a stroke of genius from a songwriting perspective. That one lyric gets across the emotion of moving away perfectly.

Today she’s be dropped her LP titled Killer Cut Offs, a follow up to her debut album Cornucopia, and we highly recommend you check out both those LPs! Speaking of the album Malory said, “This album has really been my baby for the past half a year, I’ve gone through some big life changes and grown so much in the process of creating it. I’m so proud of the album, from the freeness of subject matter to the eclectic, weird mix of instrumentation and sounds.”

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