TUYS – More Than An Account



Social media is something that has become a huge part of almost everyones lives, it’s where our friends are, it’s where our favourite musicians are, it’s where all the memes are but there’s a question that comes along with it, are we more than our social media account? Things we posted about years ago now come to bite us in the butt despite our views changing as well as our own personal growth but most people will only take us at our profile value, judging us entirely on that and it’s something that TUYS question in their aptly titled track More Than An Account.

Lyrically the single hits on some hard modern truths that we often avoid with the gripping vocal display making them feel all the more real. There’s a contrast between the electronic synths and more crashing guitar melodies that gets across the difference between our digital self and real self that is fascinating to hear. Then you’ve got the video that strikingly captures the zeitgeist of current times with some gorgeous shots and a gripping story along with it that is just the cherry on top of a thought provoking single.

Must Read