Fijitrip – Tech

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Fijitrip only came out into the music scene in early 2020 but he’s already proven himself to be one of the most exciting new talents of this decade. His sounds consists of quirky electronic melodies that could be associated with The 1975 but in a more experimental glitch like fashion, understated vocals that melt effortlessly into the electronic sound and his lovelorn lyrics that are quite poetic in their nature.

Today the Norwegian dropped his debut EP titled Tech, which was all composed in the artists bedroom, and it’s might just be one of the best EP’s of the decade never mind the year. It’s outstanding how much talent this young artist has.

“Tech consists of both familiar and artificial sounds, combined with uncanny, glitchy production and me singing about love,” He explains. “It feels like I made this EP ages ago, and it’s really me just tryna find a sound. These songs were all written very fast – they’re sneezes, as you call them. In creating this EP, I think I found my arsenal of sounds to pursue in the future.”

The ongoing theme of the EP is love with each track taking tackling a different aspect of what love can do to us, be it having us yearn for the other persons touch, the painful nature of break up where you miss the person more than anything or the weak feeling you get when you think of them. There’s a track for everyone in this EP that’ll be your companion on your journey throughout your own life long experiences of love.

This young artist is something truly special and we cannot wait to watch him grow to become a future icon.

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