Having already toured, produced two breakout EP’s and been the drummer for , Rasmus Littauer seemed to be on top of the world. He was extremely successful in the music industry but he soon came to stark realisation that he might die before he was actually able to live out some of his other dreams. That’s what pushed him into starting his new solo project titled School of X where he hopes to purse his dreams of living in South America whilst also performing at Sydney Opera House.

Today he’s released his second single of this new venture titled Bad Love which is about, as you can probably guess, love during trying times. There’s a brooding yet emotive nature to this track that captures that downward spiral a relationship can often take when it’s coming to its natural conclusion. With a passionate vocal delivering the quite poignant lyrics and the poetic storytelling nature of the track it will give you flashbacks to relationships of old and what could’ve been done to save them before you realised it was too late.

“It’s about feeling alone in a relationship, having lost faith or trust, about how much the relationship suddenly matters when it’s slipping through your fingers,” Littauer explain. “But that’s how love is – it comes and goes and we all have to put up a constant fight to save it and bring it back.”

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