2019 was one hell of a year for the London based band Talk Show with the quartet realising their debut single Fast and Loud to high amounts of praise from the music community, opening for a variety of different musical acts and getting some serious love from BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6. It’s safe to say 2019 was a good year for them and they’re looking to make 2020 an even better one with their first release of 2020, the post punk anthem titled Banshee.

“At its core, Banshee is a frustrated lovelorn tale,” Lead vocalist and guitarist Harrison Swann explains. “We didn’t want Banshee to feel depressing or hopeless, more heartfelt and ardent. I wanted the lyrics and song to progress through a relationship which brings no resolution, nor closure for the protagonist. Focused on melodic guitar lines and the rhythm section supporting the lead vocal, it helped us to create an uplifting track with a melancholic undertone.”

Their is such ferocity in this track with the slick guitar melodies and intoxicating percussion that make you feel like you’re in a 90’s coming of age movie. The lyrics immediately hit you like the final blow in a prize winning fight with the amount of emotional weight that they have with the vocals of Swann having this ruthless nature to them that make every word feel so painfully raw and real. It’s a single that is hard not to take notice of and leaves you begging for more by the end.

This is only taste of what’s to come though with the band releasing their debut EP These People on March 27th. Well worth keeping an eye on this band in 2020.

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