After a five year long hiatus the Icelandic band KALEO have finally returned with two spectacular singles titled I Want More and Break My Baby. Both tracks dive into the two polar sides of their sound with one going for their alternative rock style and the other going with their folk sound. “I think that’s just me growing up as a musician and as a listener,” Julius Son of the band begins to explain the reason for releasing these two singles. “I would get so bored if I had to do the same thing or have to be boxed in and told what to do.”

Break My Baby has a blues rock style to it that allows the track to really come alive through the powerful guitar riffs and raw raspy vocals of the lead vocalist that go from this deep growl to a soaring falsetto that is a joy to behold. Then you’ve got I Want More which is just the perfect driving song with these lush acoustic melodies, a gorgeous string section, an emotional vocal performance and these soft whistles are just the cherry on top for a glorious comeback from one of Iceland’s most exciting bands.

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