BOII is a transatlantic duo who’s pulsating brand of contemporary electro pop has helped them build a large and loyal fanbase who adore their sound. They merge these personal and honest lyrics with intoxicatingly good rhythmic beats that get you swaying and grooving along the melodies of the track in no time. Their latest single Footwork continues this trend further with the meaning of the song having a strong connection with the vocalist Adam Welsh.

“‘Footwork’ has a lot of personal resonance because it’s partially about my wife,” Adam Welsh of the duo explains. “We were texting long distance when I was in New York writing the song. We finally went on our first date when I got back to London and now we’re married!

The lyrics focus on the classic narrative of ‘you and me against the world’ with the story focusing on breaking out of the routine and taking a risk that allows you to become free and embrace what you love doing. The vocals are tender in their delivery creating this emotional resonance with the audience whilst also allowing this unique dynamic to happen with the palpitating beats that allows for a glorious listening experience. This is just a taste of what their debut EP, out in Spring 2020, is going to have and I am extremely excited to see what else these two are capable of doing.

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