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With her soft luscious tones Ayelle lets loose her free spirit in “Unpredictable”

ayelle unpredictable artwork sample 2.png

This year Ayelle has been on an absolute roll, each one of her tracks that she’s released so far this year have been simply divine. From Hurts the Most all the way to Psychopaths, each one has been different, unique and utterly compelling, so it’s no real surprise that her latest offering Unpredictable is another spellbinding piece of R&B.

“Unpredictable is at it’s core about being a free spirit, and all which that entails,” Ayelle explains. “The need for your own space, to live life on a whim and to experience every emotion with extreme intensity. It can be difficult to be with someone like that, ’cause you’ll never know what they’re gonna want to do next.”

The track features the sensual R&B styled production that we’ve come to know and love from the artist with her lusciously toned vocals effortlessly gliding over it. What I like about this track the most is the story it tells, at the start it’s as if she is a free spirit being reigned in but as the track progresses Ayelle begins to let herself loose and unleashes the freedom she’s wants for so long. It’s a detail that is subtle but makes this track something incredibly special.

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