The band with the best name in all of music have returned with another sensational single, yes that’s right Approachable Members of Your Local Community amaze yet again! There sound, no matter where you listen to it, makes you feel like you’re at home so it’s no surprise their latest offering Citrus Fruit is no different with managing to put a smile on my face mere seconds into the opening.

It makes sense this is name Citrus Fruit because it hits the sweet spot, filled with an uplifting energy and a jubilant production feature infectious 80’s influenced synths, foot tappingly good drum beats and a funk driven guitar melody that you’ll be swaying along to in no time at all. Honestly this band just can’t put a foot wrong, every time they release a song they make you feel like you’re apart of something much bigger than yourself, I guess that means their name is a great representation of their music as well as an amazing band name.

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