L.E.A. – Queen in a Castle


The best way to describe British artist L.E.A.’s sound is that it’s gravitating hip hop beats, vulnerable lyrics, confidently sassy vocals and hooks that wriggle their way into your head and stay there for weeks to come. She’s already drawn comparisons to Rihanna in her previous hit FLICK and today we’re premiering her latest offering, the undeniably empowering and intoxicatingly addictive Queen in a Castle.

This track features her signature powerhouse vocals that demand your attention from the start to the end with the hard-hitting production creating the perfect backdrop for them to shine through. Then you’ve got the empowering lyrics about being under appreciated in a relationship but still knowing your own self worth and telling them if they don’t treat you like the queen or king you are then you’re going to leave.

That’s what I love most about this track though, it doesn’t come from sadness. Usually with self worth tracks like this they focus on the sadness of what they say before you decide to leave but L.E.A. doesn’t focus on any of that. She knows how good she is and that if this guy isn’t going to love her right then she’s going to go out and find someone who will, no ifs or buts, just straight to kicking there negative ass away from you. This is the empowered anthem we all need during bad relationships.



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