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“No Pressure” by Charlie Harris gives us all that euphoric feeling of falling in love again


Brooklyn based pop oriented musician Charlie Harris spent four years releasing music before taking a year long break to help him re-discover his own sound and help him find himself as an artist. His latest single No Pressure symbolises the next step in his quest for pop dominance and sees Harris place his heart firmly on his sleeve through the emotive lyricisms and honest storytelling.

The track focuses in on that feeling you get when you’re finally ready to love again after a rough break up, that euphoric feeling of being able to move on even when you know that things might not be exactly how they were. That’s one of the reasons I like the organic feeling of this track, to get to that point it needs to happen organically rather than being forced into something you’re comfortable with. It’s got lyrics that people relate to, an emotionally honest yet ethereal vocal and a chilled out production that wraps it all together in a nice little bow.


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