Leonardo by CELIIN

Somewhere between romance and depression, where extreme emotions meet, you’ll find CELIIN’s vintage heart plus her modern spirit and her latest offering Leonardo demonstrates this perfectly. Filled with poignantly penned lyricisms focusing on loneliness and written as a love letter to the infamous Leonardo praying that he doesn’t forget his own lioness. It’s a yearning single about unconditional love for someone who is simply unattainable, we all have our own version of Leonardo.

Fight No More by Bedhead

Bedhead is waking up to something new with her colourful brand of radiant synth pop filled with heartfelt lyricisms and melodic hooks that wriggle their way into your head with ease. Fight No More gets your foot tapping along to the 80’s inspired synth beats before you sing along to the passionate vocals and sway along to the beautifully enticing melodies.

Crowd by Calper ft. Son of Cabe

Calper is a UK/French singer songwriter who focuses on collaborating with upcoming artists in London’s indie scene and has already collaborated with the likes of Ayelle and Vince Kidd. Now he’s added Son of Cabe to this list on the lo-fi electronically driven single Crowd which puts your mind to ease after one chilled out listening experience. The enigmatic production is what allows this track to shine with the use of spaced out synths an calming vocals being ever present throughout this piece.

The Child in You by Miles Horn

Miles Horn is an extremely talented songwriter based in the UK who paints a vivid picture with his beautiful vocal and weaves a compelling story with his poetic lyrics. The Child in You is a prime example of all this with the story focusing on the love between a brother and sister in times of political and emotional confusion, no prizes in guessing what political movement in Britain this might be based upon. Although they have differing opinions they still care about each other and that’s all that matters.

I Love You All by Foundlings

Foundlings are a UK based band that pitch themselves between infectiously melancholic indie-pop and angular post-punk inflected stomps. The track is a cover from the Lenny Abrahamson film and now cult classic Frank but, as expected, this band have added their own personal flavour into this track and if you haven’t seen the movie then you’d almost guess this was an original song.

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