I Owe You Nothing by Nina Chuba

20 year old German artist Nina Chuba has already impressed with her previous singles White Shirt and My Time so it’s no real surprise I Owe You Nothing continues this strong run of form. This a fierce track with Chuba delivering an angst filled vocal with lyrics focusing about how in life there are some people you just can’t trust and will only work with you for their own personal benefit. It’s fiery, powerful and something that full cements this young artist as one of Germany’s rising stars.

I Can Do It by thisisNAMASTE

Pop really doesn’t get much better that Scottish born artist thisisNAMASTE who’s latest single is a tongue in cheek message to men who often doubt what women are capable of or anything people would never really question a guy doing. Featuring these addictive electro pop melodies, catchy hooks, sassy vocals and empowering lyrics like, “I can do it by myself, don’t need no one else to call. Don’t need nobody else babe, I got this on my own,” this is a song that is pop in it’s best form.

Hear Me by Alex Michael

We’re often told to live in the moment throughout life and just enjoy the time we have with our friends, family and lovers, however that doesn’t stop us all thinking about the future from time to time. Alex Michael write about the fragility of all of this in his latest single Hear Me, he focuses on that fear of growing apart from those closest to you but also about how much you enjoy your time with them. It’s beautifully intimate filled with poetically honest lyrics and humbling vocal that will want you to go and spend time with your loved ones.

Bother Me by Parker Rose

Ex’s, you can either leave them on a good note and still be friends or you can be like Parker Rose who’s ex tried to stop him moving on in a relationship, always holding them back. What I love most about this track is you can hear the annoyance in Rose’s vocal as he unleashes these feelings he’s been holding in and the moody production helps this massively. Add in an intoxicatingly good chorus and a few addictive hooks and you’ve got a tantalising piece of music.

Loving Her by Katie Pruitt

Country music and Pride tracks aren’t something you’d usually associate with one another which is why Katie Pruitt’s Pride Day release track Loving Her is so compelling. It’s beautifully honest with it’s tender lyrics and production  The track discusses how Pruitt fell in love with a girl for the first time and the issues she had with that through growing up Christian. “Why is being ‘gay’ and ‘Christian’ somehow mutually exclusive? I wrestled with this concept my whole life,” she explains. “It made no sense to me that ‘love’ could be a sin. I finally decided that even if it was a sin, I didn’t care. I was in love for the first time with a beautiful girl that loved me back. It didn’t feel wrong to me. After a tough phone conversation with my father, his words still ringing in my head…‘I’m sorry, I just don’t understand it’ to which I responded, ‘people don’t like what they don’t understand.’” 

Care by Whitney Woerz

18 year old Whitney Woerz has already proven she’s got the capability of being a future pop star with her last single Love Me Not charting on the YouTube music video charts and Billboard Adult Pop charts too. What I love about her latest single Care is that she’s got this sense of maturity in her songwriting with the lyrics being rooted firmly in her own personal experience and her voice making you feel every word with it overflowing with emotion. It’s a divine single that allows Woerz to truly shine once again.

Paris by Cheyenne Benton

On behalf of the crew at Cheyenne Benton, it is my pleasure to welcome you aboard flight CAB44 to her latest single Paris. This is bubblegum angst at its finest with the production being this cacophony of madness featuring these disjointed synths, slick electric guitars and a thumping good bass that gets your foot tapping along instantly. Combine all of that with her simply stellar vocals and it’s a track that amazes from start to finish.

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