Rhythm of My Heartbeat by NINI

We all have that song that is our fight song per say, the song that make us rise up and get ready to take the world on even through our own personal hardships and NINI’s latest single is a prime example of one of these brilliant tracks. The track comes from her own personal experience where she got out of her head and began to fight her depression with her passionate vocal symbolising her new start as well as this anthemic production behind her showing how she’s risen from the ashes and become a beautiful phoenix.

Save Me by Cloe Wilder

From our own negative personal experiences we often feel like we can help other people to avoid these pains or, at least, help them through it. Musician Cloe Wilder has attempted to do this in her hauntingly poignant single Save Me which actually leaves me with a lump in the back of my throat. This an emotionally honest single that has such an intimate nature that it makes you feel like Wilder is addressing you personally and, as a result, leaves you feeling emotionally enthralled by her music.

Oh Cool by CROOK

There are times when you’re listening to a song and you can’t help but think how well it would fit into a movie scene. I had this feel with CROOK’s latest single with the tunnel scene from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, it just gives you this sense of euphoria the second you begin listening to it along with these melancholy lyrics that stay with you long after the track is finished. Ireland’s got a future star in this artist.

Harlem Flat by Mimo

It’s a story old as time, you’re finally ready to start living your dream so you move out of your hometown and move the big city, but when you get there you’re struggling to pay rent, living on bread crumbs but at the same time you don’t care because you’re living your dream. Mimo’s love letter to her old flat in Harlem shines with her stellar delivery of lyrics that weave a story that many will find extremely relatable.

Python by Harry Mold

Now it’s time for a blistering indie rock anthem from the London based artist Harry Mold who consistently creates stadium anthems that should be performed across the country. Python is about Mold’s friend who was being sleazy to him behind his back and this was written as his very own screw you to all the snakes like that in the world. It’s raw, honest and something hundreds upon thousands of people will be standing up and screaming F U to the scumbags around them.

Into the Light by Leyah

After listening to Into the Light all I need now is for Leyah to write and perform the next James Bond song, honestly the opening of this feels like a more dramatic version of Skyfall and I am 100% here for it! Leyah’s vocal is commanding, the second you hear her voice appear you’re immediately drawn to it and almost stop whatever you’re doing to pay full attention to it. Then you’ve got this production which is like a weird combination between classic pop and orchestral jazz, something you’d never think would work but it leaves you begging for more by the time the song ends.

Broken Hearts by Lordus

The 90’s was the golden era for R&B music in my eyes so I always love it when artists get inspired by that era of music and bring it into their own tracks. Lordus embodies this era in Broken Hearts with her soulful tone dancing beautifully across the minimalistic production that has such a wonderfully laidback vibe that was made for chilling out in the summer heat. Definitely something worth listening to.

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